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Month: August 2017

Noted ‘Concussion’ doctor sends dire warning to all football players

Bennet Omalu, the doctor who inspired the movie “Concussion” after discovering CTE, warns against focusing too much on chronic traumatic encephalopathy when it comes to brain damage from playing football. “There has been so much fascination with CTE that we are going the wrong way,” Omalu said Friday (via ESPN). “CTE is just one disease […]

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Colin Kaepernick, Michael Vick, and the fallacy of respectability politics

As the Civil Rights movement reached a crescendo in 1963, James Baldwin published a masterful collection of essays and a litany of thoughts examining a continued euphemism called “The Negro Problem.” The Browns have been very methodical the past two offseasons, with the focus on both quantity and quality of draft picks. There will be […]

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Decision on Ezekiel Elliott’s potential suspension not expected this week, report says

The NFL will wait until next week at the earliest to discuss Ezekiel Elliott’s fate. I think anything is discretionary. At any time you can ask for more meetings, whether it’s the league or whether it’s Zeke. Jones has long asserted Elliott’s innocence in the matter, recenty saying there is absolutely nothing, not one thing, […]

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Devon Still will get another NFL shot with Jets

After appearing in only three NFL games over the last two seasons, Devon Still will get another chance to stick in the NFL. The Jets have signed the veteran defensive tackle as part of a series of moves Friday, the team announced. Still became a nationally known figure after his daughter Leah was diagnosed with […]

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he’ll have to be surrounded with shooters who space the floor.

The Sixers defense nosedives with Okafor on the floor. An otherwise average unit allows 109.9 points per 100 possessions with him in the game. That rate stands worse than 27 teams, and totals 4.6 points per 100 possessions worse than Philadelphia averages. That’s bad, and because of his defensive woes and the emergence of Joel […]

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Hernandez has had to make due with less run support than many

In terms of touches last season, Derrick Rose (78.8), Porzingis (60.5) and Anthony (60.4) led the team. Rose is now on the Cavs, and Anthony would be gone in this scenario. Irving would likely see an increase from his touches last season with the Cavs (79.0) if he did get traded to the Knicks and […]

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That’s why these teams are in hot pursuit.

This is not to say Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau can’t fix some of Irving’s deficiencies on the defensive end or that Irving isn’t worth chasing. He’s a spectacular player and one of the league’s best offensive weapons. He’s a threat to score 30 or more points every night. That’s why these teams are in hot […]

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The Dodgers’ recent stretch displays their industrial-strength attitude to advance farther than the NLCS.

“I can say this. I know that the Wolves are exploring this with incredible seriousness and really kind of running through all of the scenarios and trying to make the right decision,” Krawczynski said Wednesday on “Mackey and Judd.” “Because this isn’t cut and dry. It isn’t just saying, ‘Oh absolutely. It’s a no-brainer you […]

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Kevin Durant says media ‘manufactured’ his beef with Russell Westbrook

Any time Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook meet, the media hypes it up as a revenge game. One superstar teammate leaves the other for the direct rival team — what’s not to love? Durant, however, feels like the media has played a huge role in creating tension between the two. Appearing on Bill Simmons’ podcast […]

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