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Noted ‘Concussion’ doctor sends dire warning to all football players

Bennet Omalu, the doctor who inspired the movie “Concussion” after discovering CTE, warns against focusing too much on chronic traumatic encephalopathy when it comes to brain damage from playing football. “There has been so much fascination with CTE that we are going the wrong way,” Omalu said Friday (via ESPN). “CTE is just one disease […]

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Decision on Ezekiel Elliott’s potential suspension not expected this week, report says

The NFL will wait until next week at the earliest to discuss Ezekiel Elliott’s fate. I think anything is discretionary. At any time you can ask for more meetings, whether it’s the league or whether it’s Zeke. Jones has long asserted Elliott’s innocence in the matter, recenty saying there is absolutely nothing, not one thing, […]

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he’ll have to be surrounded with shooters who space the floor.

The Sixers defense nosedives with Okafor on the floor. An otherwise average unit allows 109.9 points per 100 possessions with him in the game. That rate stands worse than 27 teams, and totals 4.6 points per 100 possessions worse than Philadelphia averages. That’s bad, and because of his defensive woes and the emergence of Joel […]

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ESPN colleagues blast Dan Le Batard over Magic Johnson hot take

Dan Le Batard’s comments criticizing the Lakers’ decision to name Magic Johnson team president have drawn sharp criticism, mostly from his colleagues at ESPN. The former Miami Herald columnist who is seen and heard weekdays Cheap Jerseys 90 on ESPN radio and TV essentially said Johnson didn’t deserve a shot at running his former team […]

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Five ways to improve the Big3 basketball league

The decision-makers running the Big3 basketball league took a look at their on-court and television product after the league’s debut in Brooklyn and implemented changes for Week 2 in Charlotte. Games were shortened from 60 points to 50, with halftime taking place once one team reached 25 points. The league’s self-reflection and willingness to change […]

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I’m sorry that this came out of this building

Going into free agency, Kaepernick should have been seeking a competing starter contract. This tier through the years has featured players who were either journeymen starters or high-potential players who flamed out for whatever reasons in their last stops. Contracts for these players are generally one or two years in length, with the first year […]

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MLB reportedly pitches two key rule changes in effort to speed up games

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has made no secret of his desire to speed up the pace of play during games, and it appears baseball is trying to take some tangible steps in that direction. reported Monday that MLB submitted proposals to the players’ union last month that would raise the strike zone and eliminate […]

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Ducks some. Oilers less.

It started out well enough. Just past five o’clock local time, the upstart Edmonton Oilers played host to the bullshit shitbird Anaheim Ducks. Fans chewed Detroit Lions Cheap Jerseys their nails in anticipation. More food than usual was eaten to comfort the anxious. Buttholes everywhere. Clenched. And then it got better. By some grace of […]

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Dalvin Cook was drafted to take over for Adrian Peterson with Vikings

It took Dalvin Cook only three years to become Florida State’s all-time leading rusher. Despite one of the most stacked resumes in the 2017 NFL draft, he still fell to the 41st overall pick, likely the result of a combination of off-field troubles, durability questions, and ball-security issues. He’d later claim those quotes were taken […]

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