Ezekiel Elliott case being NFL’s newest legal quagmire is a deflating thought

Ezekiel Elliott is in limbo, very much the way Tom Brady was once in limbo.

Comparing one example of NFL player discipline to the apparent overreach of another seemed way too premature not long ago. It doesn’t seem like it anymore.

We respect their efforts to use their platform to make some change and express themselves. And I think for all those guys that knelt initially and then last week decided to stand – I won’t get into why they made that decision – I think they are going about it in a very responsible and thoughtful way. I’m actually proud of them.

On which Steelers reached out to him once he signed: “Marcus Cheap Jerseys Basketball Gilbert, then Pouncey, and then AB. All three of them hit me up like back-to-back-to-back.”

On what the first game of the regular season against the Browns means: “Super excited. Our first game is gonna be in Cleveland, so it’s gonna be special.”

On if he expects a few passes to be thrown his way: “Oh, for sure. For sure. Oh, definitely. I was there with those guys. They’ve been working hard, working their tails off. I’m gonna be ready, because I know they are.”

On his new jersey number with the Steelers: “I haven’t gotten my number yet. We’re still working on it. I don’t have my number yet. We’ve got some shaking up to do. Hopefully, it will work out. If not 23, it’s gonna be something in the 20s.”

“My heart goes out to him,” Fox said. “He was very disappointed and discouraged Cheap European Soccer Jerseys in the locker room after the game for obvious reasons. Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to him. He was pretty upset about it last night, and they’re doing evaluations right now.”

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