I told him it reminded me a little bit of Tim Duncan and his time with the Spurs.

He made max money and then at key times in his career he took a little less so they could add a player here and there.

And then I got my pizza. Here it is! I’m not a real-life food critic, so I just want to tell you my pizza was absolutely delicious. The amount of sauce used was perfect. It’s fast-fired but the crust was still crispy. And there was the perfect amount of every topping spread throughout each slice. You know how sometimes when you go to a name brand “build your own burrito” establishment and they skimp on the toppings? Not at Blaze, my friends.

Also, back to this drink I was making. From the door cling, it was labeled a “Delightful Duo” so I made up in my head that I was getting a drink that was mango and strawberry mixed. That wasn’t an option. So I just made my own anyway and, oh my goodness, it was fantastic. They should just start making this on it’s own and avoid the part of lunch where I pretended to be a fancy bartender.

The Nets were expected to throw max offer sheets at one of either Pope or Porter this summer. They were unable to make an offer on Pope earlier, though, because their money was tied up with the max offer to Porter. Now that Washington has matched, the coast is clear for Brooklyn to throw a huge offer at Pope to continue their youth movement.

The Nets were forced to swap picks with the Boston Celtics, so they didn’t have the No. 1 pick their league-worst record warranted. But they scored a lottery pick by trading Brook Lopez for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov before the NBA Draft.

Now, even though it struck out on Porter, Brooklyn Cheap Kids NFL Jerseys has an Cheap Jerseys Hot opportunity to add another young perimeter scorer to help jumpstart its rebuilding process.

Pau Gasol deserved a better birthday cake than this foam tower covered in candy and fruit

Pau Gasol turned 37 on Thursday and was surprised with a giant birthday “cake” during his basketball camp in Spain.

The word cake must be in quotation marks here, because this is not a cake at all. Rather it’s a giant foam tower with chocolate-dipped treats adorning it.

I hate it.

Look, I understand the structural and logistical problems of making a giant birthday cake for a very tall athlete, but I really hope a smaller, edible cake pops out of this to surprise Pau so he can have a happy birthday. Look at this man’s face. Stare into those eyes.

I ranked potential expansion cities earlier this year, and Seattle Cheap Jerseys Soccer was No. 1 with a bullet. The only real questions are what the expansion fee would be and whether the NBA would add a second team simultaneously to keep the conference numbers even. I should also note I’ve heard some skepticism about Mexico City since then, which might be good news for a Southern or Midwestern city with an arena in place — like Cheap Jerseys Outlet Shop Louisville or Kansas City.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s happening on the arena front in Seattle this year. And here’s what I think it would take for the NBA Board of Governors to actually approve expansion.

You have a new favorite basketball prospect. His name is Tryggvi Hlinason. He’s a 7’0 farmboy from rural Iceland. He just watched his first basketball game like three years ago. He’s going to be amazing.

LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson were set to face off in an Adidas AAU event in Vegas on Wednesday night. The gym was such a madhouse it drew cops, top college coaches, NBA stars, and way too many fans. Tens of thousands of people streamed it online. And the game lived up to the billing.