The ugliest part of the night for the Eagles came on the offensive side of the ball from LeGarrette Blount.

The former Patriots running back fizzled out against the Bills, gaining just 8 yards on five carries. The ugly part is that Blount actually had 8 yards on one of his carries, which means he gained 0 yards on the other four.

It’s a good thing for Blake Bortles that Jaguars fans aren’t making the starting quarterback decision, because he’d likely be spending the season on the bench.

Things got so bad Thursday that fans actually started booing Bortles. In the first half. Of a preseason game.

Robert Alford and Desmond Trufant are the difference for the Falcons right now. Not only were they (particularly Trufant) all over the Rams receivers on Saturday, but the secondary as a whole tackled like a pack of wild … like a pack of … like a pack of wild tacklers. L.A. wideouts couldn’t generate any catch-and-runs, while the pass rush made Jared Goff uncomfortable repeatedly in the first half.

That was the best game Atlanta’s defense has played all season, though it was of a piece with this team’s performances since an early-December surge. Including the win in Los Angeles, the Falcons have allowed 16.3 points per game since the beginning of that month.

If there’s a game like last [Sunday’s Minneapolis Miracle], or even close, or even a game like Philly-Atlanta with a big ending, we’re on right afterwards. We’re right after the game. The old ‘Primetime’s used to be at 7:30 [p.m. ET] on Sunday night. The late game was just over. It wasn’t like, ‘OK, we’ve got five hours to tidy up and now let’s present a show.’ So this is kind of the old rules, if you will.

As things now stand, the Cowboys won’t have Elliott in the Cheap Dri Fit Jerseys lineup when they resume play. But Elliott’s legal representatives Cheap Flag Football Jerseys have another chance to try to get the suspension placed on hold.

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