Warm-climate or domed stadia games could be the April Sunday night rule, but taking fans for dopes with dough has become the conditioned reflex within MLB and the NFL.

Rob Manfred’s MLB, in service to ESPN money, is similarly and counterproductively arrogant. It schedules cold-climate games — New York, Boston, Chicago — for ESPN “Late Sunday Night Baseball” in early April. Let ’em all freeze, then arrive home at 1 or 2 a.m. Monday. Even if MLB invites — demands — diminishing patron returns and disgust, it clearly allows ESPN authority over its schedule.

TV now regularly allows us to witness diminished returns in every sport.

But there’s a chance that this one could backfire, with former defensive-coordinator-supreme Wade Phillips no longer around to hold everything together. Ward landed quickly in Tampa, and the Buccaneers could be the beneficiaries.

The Steelers likewise could benefit greatly from signing cornerback Joe Haden after he was released by Cleveland. Are the Browns really in position to get rid of talented players?

Osweiler is back in Denver, backing up Siemian while Lynch is hurt, after stints in Houston and Cleveland. Osweiler’s bank account wouldn’t be quite as healthy if he’d never left. But would his NFL career be in far better shapeAnd would the Broncos’ quarterback situation be more settled?

Almost as if in an Old Testament sojourn, they followed the Giants from the Polo Grounds to Yankee Stadium, then the schlep to the Yale Bowl, then Shea Stadium — the latter two while Giants’ Stadium was being built — and now to PSL Stadium, where remaining an on-site fan demands lots of money, patience and a willingness to arrive home at 1 a.m.

But now we see, read, hear and feel an erosion of the faithful, not solely based on an 0-2 start, but as a matter of compromised dignity. As have too many teams, the Giants have become a test of the better senses.

Rooting for an Odell Beckham Jr., for example, means hoping he won’t try to spike the ball to begin one of his lengthy, TV-loves-it, all-about-me routines until his touchdown catch has been ruled one. That foolishly premature move cost the Giants a November 2015 win against the Patriots, though it didn’t cost Beckham a dime in endorsements. TV and advertisers reward and promote the most selfish and immodest among the talented.

Last season, after the season, then before the start of this season, the unconditional love of Beckham continued to erode as he continued Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys to make it clear that he is sticking with his plan to remain stuck on Cheap Baseball Jerseys himself.

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