He made on-air appearances on ESPN’s NFL Live in January.

FOX is seeking to fill its Thursday Night Football booth after winning a five-year deal for the package. The network wants Peyton Manning, who already has turned down ESPN, for the analyst job for Thursday Night Football.

The kid from Philly, Bradham or something, took one year, $6 million deal but to everybody else is a $40 million deal. There’s nobody to bash it, because nobody’s even paying attention to most of these agents and their deals. So I think this was just one of those things where the agents feel uncomfortable with a player taking the initiative to do his own deal. Obviously it puts a fire under them. It makes them more accountable for their actions, because more players will do this.

Sherman apparently assumes, as do many, that I’ve criticized his skills as a negotiator because I’m trying to help the agents. And he’s right. I am trying to help the agents. I’m trying to help the agents because I’m trying to help the players.

Turns out, some guy named John Elway used to wear that number in Denver, and since some guy named John Elway signs the checks, that’s not happening.

Excited to wear number 4 in the orange and blue!

As long as Keenum doesn’t end up with the Packers in two years, he should be OK with this one for a while. And since former Broncos No. 4 Britton Colquitt moved to Cleveland two years ago, Keenum’s second choice was clear.

To more accurately put his predicament in perspective, Mathieu uses names like Jordan and Kobe and LeBron.

That’s the standard he believes he’s held to.

That’s the standard he craves.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that Corey Coleman could be an odd-man out this offseason. Perhaps the Browns could dangle him, along with draft picks, to get Beckham to Cleveland. And once he’s there, we all know they have more than enough money to make him a very rich young man. Tennessee Titans Tennessee Wholesale Cheap Jerseys has struggled to provide Marcus Mariota with reliable weapons in Hanson Brothers Cheap Jerseys the passing game.

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