Jim Kelly returning to Buffalo following cancer surgery

Jim Kelly is headed home.

Then, he elaborated on how things ended between the organization and its former stars. The thing I would tell you about that is that we’ve been through a lot around here, we’ve grown tremendously together and all of that, and changes are inevitable, Carroll said. Sometimes, guys can’t hang with what’s expected, for one reason or another — their growth, their development and all of that. Saying Bennett and Sherman couldn’t hang with what’s expected is a pretty harsh shot from what appears to be a coach who got sick and tired of them. Then, after that harsh dig, Carroll delivered the coup de grâce, saying And the best thing I can tell you is, that they’re not here.

That’s pretty much leaving no room for interpretation. Carroll isn’t pulling any punches here, and his comments are definitely a message to his current players, as well. It’s going to be fascinating to see how Seattle rebounds from what’s been a tumultuous last year or so. The Legion of Boom is no more. The team’s offense is still very much a halfway-done jigsaw puzzle that’s missing key pieces. Things could get much more difficult before they get better.

Rapoport reported that the New England brass is intrigued and impressed with Jackson. Adding a workout with McDaniels to the equation further deepens the connection between the Pats and the most dynamic quarterback in Thursday’s draft. Despite his success and immense upside, many scouts quibble with how Jackson’s ability will translate to the NFL. Allowing McDaniels a hands-on workout could help smooth over some of those lingering questions.

Sitting at No. 23 and No. 31 in the first round, the Patriots could be preparing if Jackson falls past several other QB-needy teams currently sitting outside the top 10 — No. 11 (Miami), No. 12 (Buffalo), No. 15 (Arizona), No. 16 (Baltimore), No. 17 (L.A. Chargers) and No. 22 (Buffalo again). Bill Belichick could also be sizing up a move up the draft board possibly to pluck his next heir apparent to Tom Brady.

Regardless of the Patriots’ motivations, it’s clear their interest in Jackson is legit.

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