Packers vs. Giants: Score, result, stats, highlights for wild-card playoff game

The Packers and Giants these days barely resemble what they were back in Week 5, when Green Bay outlasted New York at home in the regular season.

Sunday’s wild-card playoff matchup featured the Cheap Jerseys NFL Jerseys same venue but evolved teams and much higher stakes. This time, the Packers had no issues closing out the Giants in their 38-13 win.

The Packers entered the game as 4.5-point favorites over the Giants, a spread SN’s Vinnie Iyer figured they’d cover. Despite a slow start, they had no problem doing so.

Green Bay will head to the divisional playoffs in Dallas, where the No. 1-seeded Cowboys await. Packers lost to the Cowboys in Week 6 this season.

The reality: Ryan isn’t the first good quarterback to ride a Cheap Jerseys Online Free Shipping second wave into true greatness.

Let’s remember Ryan, as a rookie No. 3 overall pick in 2008, set the bar high with his very first NFL pass a 62-yard TD strike. His first season as a starter ended at 11-5, with the Falcons making the playoffs as a wild card.

The Steelers and Chiefs played earlier this year Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison joked this week about forgetting the 43-14 romp over the Chiefs in Week 4.

The Steelers could do no wrong that day as Ben Roethlisberger threw for 300 yards and five touchdowns and LeVeon Bell ran for 144 yards in his first game of the season.

The Steelers are coming off an impressive 30-12 win over the Dolphins in the wild-card round, but will get a much-improved Chiefs team this weekend. Kansas City rebounded from a 2-2 start to finished 12-4, winning five of its final six games to win the AFC West and earn a first-round bye in the playoffs.

You have to play good football and do what got you here,Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. There is not a lot of room for error. Thats just not what this time of the year is about. You have to have good line play on both sides of the ball. Thats what you get this time of the year.

That’s what has to worry you most

They won’t offer No. 2 pick Lonzo Ball or last year’s No. 2, Brandon Ingram, but they could cobble together a package out of a combination of their young players (Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, new draftees Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma, plus future picks).

Again, that’s not active Lakers-Pacers chatter now. But teams negotiating with Indiana have a fear that whatever they offer, the NFL Cheap Jerseys Lakers will swoop in late and try to match.

Of course, an even bigger fear among those that are pursuing George is that the Lakers remain on the sideline and make no attempt to match any deal for George. It is odd to consider — especially after the four-year wave of high-profile players who turned down Lakers’ overtures — that the Cheap La Kings Jerseys Lakers are not aggressively pursuing a trade for a star player who wants to be in LA. For some, it’s even suspicious.

“That’s what has to worry you most,” one general manager said. “If LA is not getting involved at all, then you have to ask why. Why wouldn’t they make an offer? They did at the draft, so what changed? That is when you worry that maybe all this talk is a smokescreen and Paul George has not really changed his mind about LA.”

The Knicks need to move on from the mess of the past couple of years, and though Hornacek is not at the top of the list when it comes to what went wrong, he’s got to be part of the cleaning of the slate. Besides, no team in the league has a coaching opening, so the Knicks would actually have a decent run of candidates to consider.

This is where the obligatory disclaimer goes

In short: When Young was drafted by the Titans in 2006, the owner overruled the football staff, the head coach was no fan from the beginning, and his first offensive coordinator was fired after two seasons. How much more poisonous could the grooming of a young franchise quarterback be?

In fact, “grooming” doesn’t even apply. This was borderline sabotage. If the Titans had sat down collectively and drawn up a blueprint on how best to derail a high pick Miami Dolphins Cheap Jerseys at the game’s most important position, they couldn’t have done much better than this.

This is where the obligatory disclaimer goes, that MLB Cheap Jerseys From China this doesn’t absolve Young of blame for how things turned out. There are plenty of examples of his immaturity and entitlement — or, as the aforementioned ex-coordinator, Norm Chow, put it, how he was “pampered, coddled, whatever word you want to use.”

On the other hand, expecting quarterbacks to walk out of the draft and into this job with the level head of a veteran is never wise, even for the steadiest of rookies. They’re still no better than their coaching and development.

The four-inning, six-run outing against the Padres on Wednesday did nothing to assuage the belief among some, including Braves management, apparently, who wanted to believe his ongoing struggles were just the result of something being off, or because of bad luck, or some other reason that could possibly be helped with a recent DL stint that was, officially, for a strained oblique muscle, but was essentially a respite to regroup in hopes that Bartolo Colon circa 2016 would re-emerge.

Gordon Hayward was leaning toward Jazz hours before decision, agent says

There apparently is a perfectly good explanation to why Gordon Hayward took so long to make his decision on where to play next season — he couldn’t make up his mind, even less than 24 hours before Tuesday’s announcement that he had signed with the Celtics.

According to Hayward’s agent, after meetings and visits with the Youth Cheap Jerseys Heat, Celtics and Jazz, the All-Star forward was still torn on Monday night after a meeting with newly acquired Jazz point guard Ricky Rubio.

“I think after the meeting, he thought, ‘My goodness, how can I leave this?'” Mark Bartelstein told The Vertical. “On Monday night he was very much leaning toward staying in Utah, but he had just been through this whirlwind tour in three days. He woke up on Tuesday, still not really sure what he wanted to do.”

The Clippers traded point guard Chris Paul to Houston earlier this week, but signing Griffin proves they aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. reported the Celtics are discussing trades involving forward Jae Crowder and guards Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley with multiple teams. Crowder is owed $21.9 million over the next three seasons, while Bradley ($8.8 million) and Smart ($4.5 million) each have one year remaining on their contracts.

Bouton is sort of in and out these days. One minute, he’ll seem lucid, the next, forgetful and illogical.

“The blessing is there’s no physical pain,” Kurman said. “The awful blow is the very thing which enabled him to write ‘Ball Four’ is mangled — something he prides himself on, and he’s not going to get back to that level again.”

Said Bouton, “I can’t write a simple sentence. … It’s garbled. It’s not interesting. I almost have to explain why it sounds so flat.”

Warriors, Timberwolves among teams interested in Nick Young

Nick Young has only been to the playoffs twice in his 10-year career. The Bean Burrito would like to take the Swaggy P train back to the postseason and is trying to find the right fit.

After opting out of his contract with the Lakers last month, Young has Cheap Cycling Jerseys said he wants to sign with a playoff contender. While several teams are reportedly interested in signing the 6-7 guard, who has averaged 12 points per game over his career, there are two clubs that seem to be the favorites in landing his services.

Stanton had the 20 hardest hit home runs in last year’s Home Run Derby, according to

One possible landing spot for those players: Memphis. The Vertical’s Chris Mannix reported the Celtics are eyeing Grizzlies center Marc Gasol, and SN’s Jordan Greer speculated whether Bradley, Smart, a forward and draft picks would be a enough of a return.

Free agent Danilo Gallinari could become a member of the Clippers via a three-way trade with the Hawks and Nuggets, according to ESPN. Gallinari’s deal with the Clippers would reportedly be a three-year, $65 million contract. The Hawks would reportedly receive Jamal Crawford, Diamond Stone and a first-round pick from Nike NFL Jerseys L.A. Crawford doesn’t plan on staying in Atlanta if a trade is completed, according to USA Today.

The NFL’s Twitter account shared a clip from “All or Nothing: A Season with the Los Angeles Rams” that reveals the moment Fisher informed his staff of his own fate. Their reactions imply that they, too, immediately realized theirs.

“We are extremely proud of Mike for his election to the All-Star team,” general manager Billy Eppler said in a statement. “It is a great accomplishment and it reflects his exceptional performance and contribution not only to the Angels but the game of baseball.

Orioles’ Chris Davis likely out until after All-Star break with ‘uncomfortable’ injury

The Orioles are going to be without Chris Davis until likely after the All-Star break losing one home run for every 15 1/2 at-bats this season. However, they are also losing a strikeout every other at-bat so maybe his absence isn’t such a bad thing.

Maddon was still fuming afterwards because the umpires overturned Anthony Rizzo’s leadoff home run — ruling it foul without going to video review. Maddon and Rizzo were obviously not happy and protested the play to be reviewed in a harsh manner.

“You have basically neutered instant replay by the way it Cheap Jordan Jerseys For Sale was handled tonight,” Maddon told reporters after the Cubs’ victory on Friday. “If it had been confirmed foul, I’m fine. But the play stood. So in other words, if we had gone right to replay immediately after it was hit and they said it was foul, I would have been in the game for nine innings.”

Maddon was also upset because later in the game the umpires Cheap Kids Baseball Jerseys reviewed a home run by Gregory Polanco on a very similar situation. That only fueled Maddon and Rizzo’s fire.

“I wish the call was confirmed,” Rizzo said. “The guy made the call, then they’re going to gather? Then they don’t gather for Polanco’s? That’s kind of bulls—, in my opinion.”

The Cowboys finished 13-3 last season on the strength of the performances of Elliott, who led the league in rushing, and Prescott, who was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. If either, or both, of those players take a significant step back this season, Dallas could be in trouble.

Elliott is taking measures to ensure that doesn’t happen.

“Well, now, being more comfortable in this offense and not really worrying about having to learn what I have to do, I want to grow more as an overall player,” Elliott said on the Doomsday Podcast with Matt Mosley and Ed Werder.

NBA trade rumors: Trail Blazers open to dealing draft picks, SN sources say

If you’re a team looking to add first-round picks in this year’s NBA Draft, the team to see may be the Trail Blazers, who own three first-rounders.

Love now owns averages of 18.5 points and 11.5 rebounds as part of Cheap Jerseys UK a quietly effective performance that has gone unnoticed with the multiple storylines unfolding around these NBA Finals as the series heads back to Oakland. How Love fits into Cleveland’s plan always seems like a question.

At least on this night, he had a good answer — as did the rest of his team.

“We have been in this situation before,” Love said. “We know that, listen, every Cheap Jerseys Wholesale China year’s different, every playoff series, every game, but we just are a team that never …”

Love stopped before finishing a thought that should resonate for a few more days.

“We never count ourselves out,” he said.

As ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently explained, though, the Warriors haven’t relied on Curry-Durant pick-and-rolls much this season. Some believe the Warriors are saving it for when it matters most — such as the upcoming NBA Finals when they face the Cavaliers for the third consecutive season — because their normal offense is good enough against everyone else. Plus, although the Warriors don’t rely on pick-and-rolls as much as other teams, they used pick-and-rolls involving Curry and Green frequently down the stretch of games last season.

Once Gregg Popovich and the Spurs unleashed their switching scheme on the Warriors during a regular-season victory, it gave other teams insight into how they could possibly slow it down. Not giving teams the ability to scout the Curry-Durant pick-and-rolls as much as Curry-Green pick-and-rolls might give the Warriors the edge they need in what should be another hard-fought series.

Durant is one step closer to delivering that ring

Danny Green makes it a 10-point game with his second 3-pointer of the game (he’s 2 for 4 fromthe field from 3-point range).

After one quarter, Golden State leads 31-19. Stephen Curry Cheap Jerseys Promo Code leads the game with 13 points on 6-of-11 shooting. Manu Ginobili and Kyle Anderson lead the Spurs with 4 points apiece. As a whole, the Warriors are shooting 50 percent from the field (13 of 26) while the Spurs are shooting 29 percent (9 of 31). Also…

And none were bigger than Durant’s clutch 3-pointer with 45 seconds left. Durant took the ball down the court and nailed the shot as James arrived too late to interrupt Durant’s rhythm.

“You can tell he knows this is his moment,” Kerr said. “He knows this is his moment. He’s been an amazing player in this league for a long time, and I think he senses this is his time, his moment, his team.”

Durant is one step closer to delivering that ring, that championship, that place reserved for Cheap Jerseys Soccer China those who make the biggest plays in the NBA Finals. Durant’s shot figures to be one of those impressions we could see for years to come, but the Warriors have to drain a few more 3-pointers in Game 4 for that to happen.

“I’ve never been in this position before,” Durant said. “I don’t want to relax. It’s not over. It’s a crazy game, and anything can happen … I’m just trying to enjoy this moment and not try to look into the future or the past.”

There have been other players on a lesser extent to make similar decisions. David West, for example, is a solid veteran bench player who played for the Spurs last season before signing with the Warriors this year. While he’s not making the sort of impact Durant is, he still joined one of the NBA’s elite teams and made them that much stronger. Then there’s Deron Williams, a potential starting point guard elsewhere, who joined the Cavs this year in a reserve role to win a title.

Packers’ Jordy Nelson out with rib injury after taking sideline hit

The Packers are without their top receiver after Jordy Nelson left Sunday’s game early in the second quarter with a rib injury.

The injury occurred on a first-down pass to Nelson to start Green Bay’s fourth possession against the Giants. Nelson leapt to catch the high pass from Aaron Rodgers and was hit on his left side by Giants defensive back Leon Hall.

He was initially charged with three misdemeanors but saw Cheap Hockey Jerseys For Sale a felony charge added on when police said he spit at a jail nurse who was attempting to take a required blood sample.

At a court hearing Tuesday, Jones’ lawyer said his client vehemently denies the charges against him, and the 33-year-old echoed those sentiments in a brief interview with reporters as he left the Hamilton County Justice Center on Wednesday.

I’m sorry that this happened, Jones told reporters as he left jail (via WCPO). It’d be different if I was beating people’s ass, but for touching someone Come on, man.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Jones also said he expects the charges to be dropped.

Jones has a lengthy history of arrests, mostly from early in his career. The NFL Cheap Hockey Team Jerseys suspended him for the entire 2007 season and six games in 2008 for various off-field incidents.

San Diego moving companies refusing to help Chargers move to L.A.

If the Cowboys can be as effective in the postseason as they were in regular season, with league rushing champ Ezekiel Elliott running behind the NFL’s best offensive line, it will take a lot of pressure off rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Dallas is the only playoff Cheap Game Jerseys team that ran more than it passed this season. (50.8 percent of its plays were rushes.)

It’s interesting that on the AFC side, Patriots ran the ball more than any other team (482 rushes, 46.7 percent of their plays). With New England hosting a Saturday night divisional playoff game, a heavy dose of LeGarrette Blount will be expected.

A group of moving companies in San Diego have banded together in protest of the Chargers move north to Los Angeles.

At least two dozen moving companies from the San Diego area have vowed not to Cheap Google Jerseys assist the team relocate from San Diego to L.A.

Still, at this point in the season, a fumble can end your Super Bowl dreams, so Belichick made a note of Lewis’ loose grip during practice Wednesday.

As rain falls at practice, Bill Belichick shouts, Great day to work on ball security, right Dion?

We all know Belichick isn’t afraid to quit giving a running back touches if they cough up the ball a lot. Stevan Ridley would sit out a lot due to his fumbling issues, and even Jonas Gray never saw the light of day, despite providing success for New England.

Lewis should be fine, but Belichick is clearly trying to send a message before the AFC title game against the Steelers.