That’s what has to worry you most

They won’t offer No. 2 pick Lonzo Ball or last year’s No. 2, Brandon Ingram, but they could cobble together a package out of a combination of their young players (Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, new draftees Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma, plus future picks).

Again, that’s not active Lakers-Pacers chatter now. But teams negotiating with Indiana have a fear that whatever they offer, the NFL Cheap Jerseys Lakers will swoop in late and try to match.

Of course, an even bigger fear among those that are pursuing George is that the Lakers remain on the sideline and make no attempt to match any deal for George. It is odd to consider — especially after the four-year wave of high-profile players who turned down Lakers’ overtures — that the Cheap La Kings Jerseys Lakers are not aggressively pursuing a trade for a star player who wants to be in LA. For some, it’s even suspicious.

“That’s what has to worry you most,” one general manager said. “If LA is not getting involved at all, then you have to ask why. Why wouldn’t they make an offer? They did at the draft, so what changed? That is when you worry that maybe all this talk is a smokescreen and Paul George has not really changed his mind about LA.”

The Knicks need to move on from the mess of the past couple of years, and though Hornacek is not at the top of the list when it comes to what went wrong, he’s got to be part of the cleaning of the slate. Besides, no team in the league has a coaching opening, so the Knicks would actually have a decent run of candidates to consider.