Gettleman on Odell Beckham: ‘You don’t quit on talent’

The Annual League Meeting has generated a soap opera with the potential to linger throughout the offseason.

Is the Giants ‘ relationship with one of the sport’s uniquely talented players beyond repair

General manager Dave Gettleman is attempting to pull off a delicate balancing act, maintaining leverage in potential trade talks while refusing to publicly acknowledge or deny that Odell Beckham is available for the right price.

Over the past three years, a clearly declining Eli Manning has thrown 66 touchdowns versus 29 interceptions with Beckham on the field. With his best receiver out of the lineup, by contrast, that ratio plummets to 14:14 while his passing rating suffers a similar dropoff from 91.5 to 75.0.

If Gettleman plans to bypass a quarterback at No. 2 overall and follow through with a win now plan under 37-year-old Manning, he can’t sell that vision without his mercurial difference-maker at wide receiver.

Davenport played football, basketball and competed in track and field while growing up on the north side of San Antonio. He and his father, Ron, dreamed he’d become a college basketball player. It wasn’t until Davenport’s high school coaches suggest he switch from wide receiver to defensive end as a junior – a move the Davenports were reluctant to make — that he started to consider a future in football. But he was green as a pass rusher, undersized and lightly recruited. He took visits to New Mexico and Nevada-Las Vegas before choosing to start his college career at home for coach Larry Coker and a program that played its first game in 2011.

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